Friday, January 20, 2017

Dignitatis Humanae

As I allow myself a rare moment of schadenfreude at the left’s cry for Xanax at today’s Trump inauguration, a serious thought keeps coming into my head.

When I think of the legacy of Obama I will forever be drawn to this mental image.  To me he will always be the President who worked fervently to put the gun of government to the heads of the Little Sisters of the Poor, insisting that they either pay to destroy children in the womb or be crushed.

You can't sugar-coat that.  You can't hide it.  You can't pretend it wasn't what it was.  For 177years, the Little Sisters of the Poor has been a large Roman Catholic religious ministry that takes vows of chastity, poverty, obedience, and hospitality.  Serving the Kingdom of God on earth in over 30 countries, they have one stated mission: to care for destitute people as they near the end of their lives.  As one online commentator described it, "The only fight they go looking for is to make the last days of some very downtrodden people brighter and happier, to send as many people into the next life surrounded by love, not garbage."

Barack Obama knew that, personally.  Regardless, he instructed his government lawyers to rewrite executive regulations nine separate times to ensure these nuns be forced to either violate their conscience by helping distribute abortion drugs or be fined $70 million a year and out of existence.  Their beliefs, their ministry, their cause, and even the incredible work that they do were secondary to President Barack Obama's devotion to funding and expanding the destruction of infants with tax dollars.

The president's own lawyers admitted in court that there were compromises available that would have met their objectives while sparing the Sisters' consciences.  But President Obama refused.  Using the coercive power of the state to compel nuns to pay for abortion drugs became an issue of pride for this small man.

His obsession was so out of touch that the Supreme Court, divided as it is, issued a unanimous ruling telling Obama he must find another way.  When Judge Ginsburg joins hands with Judge Clarence Thomas to rebuke your fixation with forcing nuns to violate their conscience, you have reached the pinnacle of ideological extremism.

That President Obama failed to ever respect that eternal truth of conscience is both pitiful and shameful.  And it's why I'm relieved to bid him farewell.

Click here for the full text of The Vatican 2’s Declaration of Religious Freedom Dignitatis Humanae .

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